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I am excited to let you know about an upcoming broadcast of the online movie 'The Wisdom of Trauma', featuring Dr. Gabor Maté
and the 'Talks on Trauma' expert teaching series. Over 700,000 people have already watched the film and series. This is an important film that highlights how trauma impacts our world and what we can do about it as a society. The movie will be rebroadcast from July 28th-
August 1st 2021. This event is now closed!

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How I Got Sober by Sobriety Films
How I Got Sober
Sing Title Credits by Sobriety Films
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Keep up to date with the latest news from Sobriety Films. This includes current and original articles about related addiction and mental health issues by guest contributors, as well as unique and cutting edge commentary on compelling issues.

Festivals and Awards

Sobriety Films has an active presence on the international film festival circuit, with a particular interest in events that promote recovery and mental wellbeing. Click on our page for up to date information on impending festivals.

Sobriety Films attends the Reel Recovery Film Festival
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- 'Medicating Normal'
- 'Dosed'
- 'How I Got Sober'


Sobriety Films believes that film making workshops for people in recovery and excluded groups can foster confidence and unleash creativity. This in turn can help individuals discover their true potential.

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