Katie and guitarist in Sing by Sobriety Films‘Sing’ is a three minute film featuring Katie Kaboose, a singer-songwriter from Blackpool. It follows her story of recovery from alcoholism and mental illness. She reveals how the Recovery Connections- her recovery group, the music community and her affinity with nature, has helped her heal.

Katie in Sing by Sobriety FilmsKatie, who has suffered from mental ill health since she was a teenager, discovered that alcohol numbed her anxiety and allowed her to perform on stage. Diagnosed with severe body dysmorphia, which centres on her face and the way she looks, we watch her journey as she confronts her fears and takes the stage to perform as a sober person.

‘Sing’ is a compelling, uplifting story of courage and triumph over addiction, one day at a time, and Katie’s disabling body dysmorphia relating to being watched and judged.

Katie is a regular fixture on the London acoustic circuit. She studied classical piano and discovered her ability to sing by harmonising to Karen Carpenter songs with her father. Katie is a valued volunteer with ‘The Joy Of Sound’, an inclusive participatory community music and arts workshop, for wellbeing charity. Her song ‘Chemical Allies’, featured on ‘Sing’, is about her experience of self medicating with drugs and alcohol, which led her to embrace recovery six years ago.

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Katie Kaboose in Sing by Sobriety Films

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