Recovery Moviemaking Workshops

Here at Sobriety Films UK, we run very successful online and in-person filmmaking workshops tailored to individuals and groups in recovery. These were very popular during lockdown and provided a lifeline to isolated people, some of whom were in rehab.

During the sessions participants learn how to make their own recovery based short film using smartphone technology. We skill-share shooting, editing, script writing, finding your voice, story boarding, framing, lighting and sound. 

The length and number of sessions can be flexible to suit the group and will culminate in a screening premiere whereby the film makers will showcase their films and discuss them afterwards at a Q&A. The audience will be invited by the group members.

So far we have delivered workshops to: CGL, Turning Point, Humankind, Phoenix Futures, The Recovery Street Film Festival, Recovery Cymru and ‘Home Grown Always Best’ in Glasgow. 

These creative, confidence-building and engaging workshops introduce new skills, and encourage both healing and growth utilising the medium of film.

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